The world around is filled with the crazy, the exciting, the unknown and the unbelievable. 

There is the boredom, the ecstasy, the goddamn beautiful and the plain old ordinary. No one is as pure and untainted as all these photos on blogs pretend they are and no one’s life can actually be lived out as philosophically as all the internet quotes with inspirational pictures in the background try to make you believe. 

There is a lot going on all around us and even more going on inside our own minds and our own little lives. At times, the worries of the world can often be too depressing to fully comprehend and at other times we all search for that little bit of substance and perspective in our lives that rumbles on just below the surface of all our first-world problems. 

So this blog aims to bring you a bit of everything. To give you the option to delve a little deeper or just sit on the surface and watch the world go by. Sometimes beautiful music, sometimes crazy videos. Sometimes the funny and the random and at times the profound.  

Just doin’ ma duty,   

Much love, 

Old Bushel Britches x


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