What is it you remember of World Cups gone by?

Roberto Carlos’ physics-defying free-kick, Zidane’s headbutt and the old Ronaldo’s ridiculous haircut come to mind, amongst others.

Problems, both social and structural, and various squabbles have been a feature of every World Cup.  It is to be expected when such a huge global sporting event visits itself upon a country.

Important issues surrounding Brazil 2014 must not be ignored.  The use of child labour and workers’ deaths need to be addressed, whilst World Cups to come must ensure that the competition’s legacy benefits the many and not just the few.

In spite of all that, the World Cup is upon us again.  There will no doubt be the drama of missed penalties somewhere along the way, alongside the usual cast of heroes and villains and a few fantastic goals.

Can a European team do it in South America?  Will Messi turn up?  Might England actually be exciting to watch this time?

We will leave the various “experts” to continue with their guesses and assumptions.  The football starts now.




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