The reemergence of my personal love affair with guitars and songwriters continues to run deeper and deeper.

There is something uniquely compelling about the simplicity of those acoustic sounds that slowly enraptures you.  It rarely forces you towards a particular mindset but allows your mind to journey where it will.  I have always thought that the skill of a true songwriter, in reality a poet, is that ability to deconstruct ordinary situations or personal relationships and present a new perspective on them that, once told, you know to be true but have never previously realized.  The song-writer has this ability to make you feel less alone in the knowledge that not only you have felt a certain emotion or feeling.  That others know that same pain or joy.  Therein lies, at times, the reconciliatory and healing, at other times the enriching and elevating, power of this type of music: and that is the reason we all flock to it at times of extremes of emotion.

City and Colour, Elbow, John Mayer, Alex Turner, Joe Purdy, Morrissey, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman , Lauryn Hill, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, Stevie Nicks and a multitude of others besides have this ability.

Lucy Rose made her breakthrough last year but her full talent is, seemingly, still relatively unknown.  I was a fan of a couple of her songs but recently took the time to lie on the sofa, watch the world go by, and indulge in her album, “Like I Used To”, in its entirety.  It blew me away.  Not only is her voice hauntingly beautiful, but there is vibrancy, depth and tempo to her music that is full of intense emotion, a sense of defiance and of internal battles being fought and won through resilience.  Then there are her words.  They will call up memories of loves past and present, hopes and dreams for the future, and ultimately of the importance of testing, knowing and trusting yourself.


Night Bus

First Time

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