Joe Purdy is by no means a new artist. After 12 years in the industry and 8 albums he could be termed a veteran in what is an increasingly fast moving and capricious industry. Whenever I mention him though, very few people seem to have come across him on their own personal musical journeys.

No matter what genre of music you enjoy and no matter how fervently you claim that folk or male acoustic songwriters with a slightly feminine timbre are not for you, you cannot help but be enthralled in the Joe Purdy’s spell. His music and words do not force desperate cliches about unrequited love upon you, neither does it direct you to feel a certain way. He is one of those rare breed of artists who is a pure story teller. Many claim to be one, many make a valiant effort to make their verses original and pure, and many fail to quite get there. His words are his story, his battles, his love, his life and you can take them as simply that, as a story, or you can use them as inspiration, advice and perspective in relation to your own situation.

Sometimes searching, at times lamentations, at other times uplifting Joe Purdy is an artist you need in your life. He can calm, inspire, and break down your emotional walls in equal capacity. Most of all, as much as you may not want to, he forces you to feel.

My best advice would be to settle into some admin, some cooking, or some writing, go to Grooveshark, click Play All with shuffle selected and get lost in his voice and stories.

The following are just a little taster.

Worn Out Shoes

Whiskey and Fish

Waiting On Something Good

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