In the realms of music listenership, the good old acoustic guitar is seemingly struggling for air.

Gone are the days of Britpop battles, of the pure, raw sound of a guitar, of a vocal line which is in no way enhanced.  Like many others, I spend the majority of my time listening to electronic beats, in some form or another, whether it be House, Chillstep, Drum n Bass or “Majestic Casual Music”. This type of music dominates my twitter feed and YouTube subscriptions.  Even those artists who still put a precedent on the need for vocal depth and ability often incorporate some degree of the electronic.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you need that purity of sound, lyric and emotion that the acoustic provides – whether it be to escape, to feel, or to simply enjoy.  Here is just a simple selection in honour of that.


The Editors – The Phonebook (Mahogany Sessions)


Elliot Smith – Angeles


Darondo – Didn’t I


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One thought on “Sometimes You Need Some Acoustic

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