It’s here again.  As always.  The cold snap.


OBB is sat writing this in skins, a t shirt, 2 jumpers, leggings and a beanie.  And still shivering.  It’s what everyone is talking about.  And we all like to complain that the cold is “unbearable”  that we couldn’t possibly go outside and go to uni or to the shops.   These cold months often engender a little more selfishness, a little more self-pity and a little more grumpiness.  But it really could be worse.


In Afghanistan, the temperatures at this time of year drop drastically.  Bad enough if you have no double glazed windows or central heating in your house.  It is those people who have been displaced by war that suffer most though.  They survive in refugee camps on the bare minimum, and the saddest fact is that many don’t survive at all.


Last week, 3 year old Janan Mohammed, wrapped in all the clothes he had in order to keep him warm , toddled out of the mud shelter that served as his home when his father had gone to collect firewood.  That night he died of the fever he caught from doing so.  Under the tarpaulin roof that acts as a roof and with only a bucket, a half-full tin of flour and an empty small bag of charcoal, his father has not yet been able to mourn him as he has 8 other children to look after. His reaction to the death?  “I have to worry about those who are alive”.  We often forget that some people in this world still live in a situation where the Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest must still be adhered to.  Mr. Mohammed and his family are a prime example of this.


More shockingly, Qambar (the location of the refugee camp inhabited by Mr. Mohammed) is only 12 miles from the area of Kabul in which the presidential palace, the US embassy, Nato headquarters and the offices of international organisations overseeing billions of dollars in aid to the country are located.  This aid amounts to around £36bn over the past 10 years, with at least £2.17bn being in humanitarian aid.  The simple question to ask is where is this money going and how is it being spent?  Whatever is happening, something needs to change.

(For more information on this story click here)


Back at home, we see those people who have to sleep rough.  They are freezing.  Buying them a cup of coffee or soup or even bringing them a spare blanket  will mean insurmountably more to them then the cost of those items would to you.  It’s worth thinking about.


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Just doin’ ma duty,


Much love,


Old Bushel Britches x


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