Imagine being banned from listening to music for your whole life?


Most of us live our lives to a soundtrack.  Music inspires us, it relaxes us, it excites us.  It is there in our moments of anguish and ecstasy.  We can all identify certain times in our lives with certain songs and a particular riff or melody can instantly take us right back to a moment.


Raykeea Wilson didn’t have this privilege.  She was born into a religious sect in America where music was banned.  So although she was aware of music, she was never allowed to explore and indulge in it like most other people.  A life without music is bad but her personal story is far darker.  As a child, she was abused, sexually assaulted and raped on numerous occasions.  The pain she felt was expressed in poems and in writing but never fully verbalised.


Then at 16 her world was opened up.  She was allowed to listen to music.  And that is exactly what she did.  Every kind of music, every genre, every possible influence.  From Classical to Hip-Hop.  From Jazz to Rock.


She put her poems and pain to music and with her distinctly unique, melodic, flowing sound she started to make waves as Angel Haze.  Her dubbed over version of Eminem’s “Cleaning Out My Closet’, where she tells her own personal story, is as much disturbing and painful as it beautiful in its honesty.



This is music with real power.




Just doin’ ma duty,


Much love,


Old Bushel Britches x




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