We now live in a world now where we exist either in the past or the future.  Never in the present.

This may seem like a bizarre and abstract statement to make but let me explain.  In the age of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and high quality cameras on every electronic device, we have warped our sense of place and time.  No longer do we enjoy moments as they happen, we mostly see them through the lens of a camera (or the screen of a phone).  We abstract ourselves from the moment in order to record it.

Why do we do this?  So we can show everyone else later what happened before.  We take photos and videos (especially on Instagram ) because we know it will look great when everyone sees our profile.  But in the taking of the photo we miss the actual, visceral experience of living that moment in its purest form.  Of hearing that drop and seeing everyone go off.  Of witnessing a precious moment between friends or family.  Of being present at a beautiful and unique event.  We miss the present in order to satisfy our needs in the future.

And the past?  The past is meant to fade.  Memories are supposed to become rose-tinted; photographs blurred and bent up at the edges; the ink on letters faded.  But now everything is preserved in shiny, sparkly HD.  We can live the past over and over again.  At times this is wonderful, but it can also engender a sense of overbearing nostalgia.  Of yearning for those moments and forgetting that, as with everything, the capturing of a moment in time will often appear perfect but in reality it wasn’t.  We sit in the present looking at things that happened in the past, and so we miss out on our new present.  Almost like we are always one step behind.

So maybe sometimes put the phone down.  Enjoy the moment.  Stop looking at what everyone did last week, last month, or last year.  Stop planning how good this is going to look on your Facebook and how many likes it is going to get.  Because no number of likes can bring back a moment and a feeling.

Enjoy the now.  Let the past be the past and let the future come.

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Just doin’ ma duty,

Much love,

Old Bushel Britches x


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