Witness are one of the DJ duos that you need to look out for around the Edinburgh scene.


Despite their relatively youthful years they have been around and they have earned their stripes.


What struck me in the interview was how in depth their knowledge of their music was and how passionate they were about it.  And this comes through clearly in the sets they play.  They are two DJs who feel the vibe and mood of a dancefloor as well as any  I have seen and always manage to hit you with something you don’t expect but is invariably perfect.  With launch of their own label and EP happening just last week (and filmed by OBB – watch this space for the finished video) they are a duo who are not only well versed in their musical past but are constantly looking at their place in the future of this business.


See the interview below (watch in high quality) and listen to their 25 minute mix, made especially for Old Bushel Britches.




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Just doin’ ma duty,


Much love,


Old Bushel Britches x


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