Levon Vincent does it so well.


Hailing from the U.S. he is currently playing real, deep house music.  The great Kerri Chandler called for house music to “get away from all the light, fluffy bullshit” and “get back to the raw”.


Levon Vincent duly obliges.



“Where Were You in ’92” is an album by Zomby which commemorates the rave scene of the 1990s.  And as commemorations go, it’s a pretty good one.


This review describes it perfectly: “This album’s circa-1992 throwback elements are obvious but cleverly deployed: Bursts of ultra-pitched-up diva vocals provide hyperactive melody, only to be answered by rugged dancehall shouts; sirens and air-horns explode against densely-packed uptempo breakbeat rhythms; synthesized stabs and slashes blur the line between pianos and string sections. And while the album feels brief yet fully realized, its mood-swing structure and abrupt transitions evoke the kind of feverish real-time mutation that came from a low-tech, pre-internet yet fast-moving DIY movement. It all sounds a bit like a homemade mix cassette assembled from scraps and pieces by some teenager with a dual-deck tape recorder and more interest in pace-tweaking, blunt-trauma segues than seamlessly-crossfaded transitions. (Though you can’t say he didn’t warn you, what with the first track bearing the title “Fuck Mixing, Let’s Dance”.)” (Full Review here)



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Just doin’ ma duty,


Much love,


Old Bushel Britches x


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