When was the last time you listened to a song the whole way through?  When was the last time you read a magazine cover to cover?  When was the last time you listened to an album all the way through in one sitting?


We have seemingly lost the art of appreciation.  The desire for the instantaneous pervades every part of our society.  No longer do we appreciate the fact that an album (if written by a “real” musician) tells a story, that it has been written to encapsulate a feeling, that the track order is not random but designed to maximize the message it is aiming to purvey.  In an interview a few years ago, David Gray bemoaned the end of the album because of downloading.  When listening to a few random songs off an album, you are not getting the full benefit of an artist’s talents.


In an article for the New York Times Magazine yesterday, Hugo Lindgren went back to the Esquire Magazines of the 1960s and what he found was that In those days, it was “abundantly and enviably clear, magazine writers didn’t have to worry about readers with iPhones in their pockets. They commanded center stage in the culture, and they flaunted it.  They never rush to make their points.”  Nowadays, the majority of magazines don’t lead culture, they follow it.  There is too much sensationalism and articles that insult our intelligence as readers.  Why?  Partly because we no longer appreciate or have the attention to read a full article.  We flick to our phones, to our Facebook, we want to know everything in 120 characters.


We are not all as busy as we like to think we are.  The time we waste sending that “important” email or those texts could be sent appreciating those things which are both interesting to us and make us more interesting as people.


Maybe, if you have the time, sit down and appreciate the beauty of this album performed with the BBC Concert Orchestra.  It is majestic.



You can also find Hugo Lindgren’s article here


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