DJs have become the “rockstars” of our generation.  They are the bad men.  They are living the “lifestyle”  that Nickelback thought they were (with what can only be described as the least rockstar song ever).


What the music scene needs is another bad band.  A band who are going to make real rock music.  A band who are going to ride around giving it two fingers to everyone.  A band who aren’t going to come on stage with their bottles of water and their astute morals.  Give me a song about a “deaf, dumb and blind kid” who  “sure plays a mean pinball” (The Who – Pinball Wizard) rather than a song about lost love and the state of the world.  Give me a band who are going to turn up off their face and still play the best gig ever.  Who are going to actively encourage mayhem.  Who are going to tell people to put away their iPhones and iPads that they are recording the gig on and just actually experience the epic nature of a huge gig.


One is coming.  Our kids will inevitably rebel against our taste in electronic music that we will blare out of the car speakers on the school run and create something.  Maybe the high youth unemployment and the economic recession we are going through will produce the socio-economic conditions in which a disgruntled youth will produce something raw and real.







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Just doin’ ma duty,


Much love,


Old Bushel Britches


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