Palestine today was upgraded to a “non-member observer status” by the UN General Assembly.


What this means for the conflict there is both highly symbolic and practically important.  Symbolically, it demonstrates the recognition of Palestine’s cause by the international community.  Practically, it gives Palestine a stronger grounding from which to fight their corner against Israel.


Israel was established in Palestine in 1948 from the peace negotiations following World War II, in order to give Jews a homeland.  The UN Partition Plan of 1947 allowed for a, relatively, equal division of Palestine into a partly Arab, partly Jewish State.  Since then, conflict has been rife in this part of the world with on going disputes over sovereignty and Israel has taken the majority of Palestine for itself.  At the conclusion of the 1967 War (The SIx Day War) Palestine was left with the Gaza Strip and a relatively insecure hold over the West Bank (which contains Bethlehem and Jerusalem).  Fighting has occurred sporadically since this time, with the most recent outburst being in the last few weeks.


This upgrade in status may hopefully bring the possibility of an enduring peace negotiation closer.  At the same time, it means that Palestine have more opportunity to bring allegations of war crimes against Israel.


Time will tell how the next chapter of this conflict unfolds.


More information can be found here.


Lowkey is a Palestinian rapper.  His lyrics are highly political and he brings both passion and intellectual gravitas to his songs.  In a time of materialism and superficial music, his words are a welcome change.


Take a listen.




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