First World Problems #1

“I went to go babysit for an hour and the kids didn’t know what their own wi-fi password was.”


First World Problem #2

“I want to start smoking to complete the “Disenfranchised Poet” look that I have been cultivating with my wardrobe. But I hate the smell of smoke, and the e-cigarettes require a USB port to charge and I have none available on my PC.”


First World Problem #3

“I don’t have enough chips for my dip, but if I open another packet of chips, I won’t have enough dip for my chips.”

(First World Problems)


Real World Problem #1 – Last night 25 people went to bed in Gaza and did not wake up this morning.  They didn’t die peacefully in their sleep, they died in fear and pain as artillery shells smashed into their houses and decimated them and all their family around them.

(Latest information on the Gaza Conflict)


Real World Problem #2 – M23 rebels in DR Congo are advancing on the regional capital of Goma, with weapons provided by the Rwandan and Ugandan government.  This has been materializing for the past few months and now there are around 60,000 internally displaced people in the country.  “Internally displaced” implies a relative inconvenience, a term used so that we can more easily ignore the reality that this really means fleeing your home, leaving all your worldly possessions and heading for an uncertain future that could entail starvation and refugee camps out of fear of being brutally raped or killed by machetes and machine guns.

(Latest information on DR Congo conflict)


Real World Problem #3 – five 10 year old boys in the in the city of Bijie, in the southwestern Guizhou province, China, had no where to sleep and nothing to eat.  They climbed into a street bin and burnt rubbish to stay warm.  They were found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in that same bin.





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