This isn’t going to be a sports blog but…yesterday ex-Manchester United footballer Mikael Silvestre came out and said that Robin Van Persie was “brave” to move from Arsenal to Manchester United.

I quote, “You have to be courageous to make the move and Robin took the decision.”

That is not courage. That is not bravery.

This is courage.

Allan’s head was slashed open with a machete when he was about 6 years old as part of the practice of child sacrifice in Uganda. He fought for his life and survived. (photograph by Old Bushel Britches)

Mukisa was kidnapped by his uncle, castrated and left for dead all in the name of child sacrifice in Uganda. His bravery meant that he lived.(photograph by Old Bushel Britches)

This is bravery. A child fighting TB. (photograph by James Nachtwey)

Ultimate courage. Fighting to survive against all the odds. (photograph by James Nachtwey)

We throw words like bravery and courage around far too easily. Moving from one football club to another for hundreds of thousands of pounds does not even register on the spectrum of bravery or courage.

Reassess. Real courage is something that very few of us ever have to find within ourselves.

For more on the cases of Allan, Mukisa and Child Sacrifice in Uganda see the documentary that Old Bushel Britches was a part of making last year

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Just doin’ ma duty,

Much love,

Old Bushel Britches x


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