Tom Hardy in a UFC movie. That sentence would turn many people off a film straight away. It suggests mindless brutality; a “boys'” film; all style and no substance.

Well give it a chance because that could not be further from the truth.

This is Tom Hardy at his emotional best. He carries the pain and dignity of his character in such a subtle way. Words are not needed when all that is needed to be said is etched onto every crease on his face.

This a story less about the brutality of fighting as of the brutality of life. It is a journey we take with three main characters. A journey of hurt. A journey of love. A journey of battles (in many senses of the word). And ultimately a journey of forgiveness.

If you are a boy with a brother it will resonate deeply with you.

You have to see it.

And the song from the end credits is sublime

Just doin’ ma duty,

Much love,

Old Bushel Britches x


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