If we are honest with ourselves, this pictures encapsulates the Western world.

“Feed” does not only mean food here though. It really includes the veracious attitudes of us all to “feed”. To feed on the latest fashions and latest technology. To feed on the best whilst thinking little of the consequences for others. Maybe we should a little more.

Mitch Griffiths is a phenomenal modern artist who uses a traditional, almost forgotten style of painting, inspired by the light and composition of Old Master paintings. However, he uses this style to depict the issues concerning 21st-century British society with his main subject being the transient and throwaway nature of contemporary culture, which is held in stark contrast to the permanence and indelibility of oil paint on canvas.

These are two of his paintings which are so very relevant to this culture of greed that pervades our society – and it really could be any one of us.

“The Commercial Gangster”



Just doin’ ma duty,

Much love,

Old Bushel Britches x


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