What exciting thing are you doing this morning? Are you do something that scares you? Are you getting your heart beat up from exercise? Or are you sitting around eating a bacon butty and drinking a cup of coffee, the same as you do every morning?

Well, today Felix Baumgartner is waking up, going 120,000 miles into space in a helium balloon…and then jumping out of it. What a crazy fucker (that is the only word that could possibly be used to describe him.)


In the process he will break the sound barrier and free fall for around 10 minutes. 10 minutes! Just think about that. He is going to legitimately fly whilst we are all sat around talking about how its just impossible for us to fit in a visit to the gym today or read an article or two.


We humans really are capable of the extraordinary.

This jump is going to top all the jumps in this video but watch it anyway because it’s baller (and the soundtrack isn’t too bad either).

Just doin’ ma duty,

Much love,

Old Bushel Britches x


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