We like to think we have moved on as a society. That we are different now to how we were. More accepting, more multicultural, more liberal and open minded.

We aren’t racist.

We are.

And we are all guilty of it. In some way, shape or form we judge based on race from time to time. Sometimes subconsciously before dismissing our instinctual thought with palpable disgust. Sometimes explicitly in jokes with friends. Sometimes judging without even realizing.

Our society still has giant strides to make and there are worrying times to come with the rise of unemployment, a continuing recession and the rise of nationalist right-wing groups such as the BNP and the EDL.

The search for scapegoats is all around us as it has been throughout history when people’s luck is down, their pockets empty and their minds unstimulated.

Follow this link to a Facebook thread to see that I’m not just spouting…


Just doin’ ma duty.

Much love,

Old Bushel Britches x


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