“I’m in a shitty hovel in the mountains, between Turkey and Syria, waiting for the sun to go down. When that happens I can ford a river and head to the frontlines.”

This is what my friend was doing last night. A bit different to a regular Friday night in. But in promising to bring you the serious as well as the stupid it only seems fair that I drop you some news which is relegated to a sub-title of the BBC News website.

The conflict in Syria is spreading and it is becoming more volatile with each passing day. In its desire to control the flow of weapons passing over the Turkish-Syrian border, the Syrian government is trying to regain control of the Alshmal gate along the border with Turkey. This has resulted in the bombing of a town in Turkey, Akcakele, killing 5 people. Turkey has responded in a “legitimate” manner (if the bombing and killing of people, including soldiers, can ever be called legitimate – but that is for another debate) and shelled a Syrian military base.

But is this bombing of Syrian military bases simply a perfect opportunity for Turkey to begin bombing Kurdish bases and political strongholds inside Syria? For Turkey, weakening of Kurdish power and that of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party)and countering the rise of Kurdish autonomy is essential to their security. For Prime Minister Erdogan, it is essential in his designs to become Turkish President as it would gain him the support of the powerful ultra nationalist anti-Kurdish party inside Turkey.

Are Turkey dealing with the threat of Syria or are they really using this as an opportunity to diminish growing Kurdish power? Could attacks on PKK areas rise? It looks likely.


I’m just doin’ ma duty,

Much love,

Old Bushel Britches


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