Saturday morning. A day, I would guess, when many a person wakes up slumped in a bed with a splitting headache, with someone they shouldn’t or with a half eaten pizza dangling from their hand smelling like the crotch region of Anne Hathaway’s leather trousers after filming a particularly strenuous scene in the Batman movie.

I told myself that I wouldn’t be that person last night. But inevitably 9.30pm turned into 3.30am and I found myself awakening this morning on a friend’s sofa, empty box of choco rice by my side and the vague memory that I consumed so much cereal that I could be legitimately milked this morning.

But all for a good cause because it meant that I watched the sublime film that is “Notorious”. A biopic of the life of Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G. Watch it. It can make the whitest of white men feel gangster. And just for a little taster here is a clip of B.I.G. himself sitting a boy down at just 17 years old…

Im here just doin’ ma duty.

Much love,

Old Bushel Britches x


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